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Walking around the Mutton and Mead festival in Montague today, I saw a lot of different foot wear. Dressed in costumes, many wore moccasins, boots of leather and skins and even shoes with curly jester toes. Spectators wore everything from sandals to high heels.

Until the sneaker came along, shoe design had not changed since the middle ages and feet haven’t changed since man began to walk the earth. I have to then assume that the same problems I see from shoes nowadays have actually been around for a long time. While shoes are there to protect our feet, they are also molds that shape our feet. As we come into adulthood, our bones begin to harden. Shoe fit during teenage years is going to influence foot health throughout adulthood. Those fancy shoes that we feel great in in our 20’s are going to be our nemesis in our 50’s. Don’t get me wrong here, you can still wear fancy shoes and sandals, but please make sure they fit your feet well. A night in tight shoes may be a little uncomfortable, but shoes that don’t fit your feet well day after day after day, are going to slowly change the shape of your feet … and you may not like the end result. All I am saying is be aware. Feet should not be ignored. Pain is not normal and should not be happening at the end of a long work day. Using a little wisdom and knowledge, no matter your age, can keep your feet healthy and happy.

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