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On Wednesday, June 28th 2017, Kristin debuted FootCare by Nurses care at the Easthampton Senior Center, which is located in the old post office building in the center of Easthampton, MA.  Kim, the director,  and her amazing staff not only have set up a great care room equipped with a beautiful zero gravity chair, they also brought in cookies for the occasion.  Cookies and foot care including a great reflexology based foot massage – WOW! what a treat!

Kristin came to us from the world of dialysis, so she is very aware of medical compromise that can influence foot health.  Like many nurses who are initially introduced to being able to even take care of peoples’ feet, Kristin was initially timid. However, she studied hard and practiced a lot and has taken to foot care like a happy fish in water. She is a great educator, has a good sense of humor and is skilled at making people feel comfortable.

The Easthampton Senior Center has a lot of great activities including providing Reiki and massage for seniors. They also are able to provide workshops and help elders get access to the services that they need, in order to stay healthy and as independent as possible. We encourage people to support their local senior centers and take advantage of what they have to offer. In Massachusetts, we are blessed to have a state that supports their seniors, as this is not always true elsewhere. To know that if we don’t fully utilize the services offered, we may be at risk of losing them in budget cut rounds. So please, let your community and politicians know how much senior care matters to you by actively participating,  sharing and encouraging in the cookies, services and support Kim and her great team are working hard to provide for you.


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