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So, you have decided to lose some pounds, shed some winter blues and you have spring fever. You can’t wait to pull out those sandals, in fact, you have already dusted them off. Before you head out full of glee please be mindful that your feet have been encapsulated in boots, solid shoes, and slippers for many months and they might not be quite up to speed. What you want to avoid here is giving yourself plantar fasciitis or some kind of foot injury that will waylay your whole summers worth of plans.

So here are a couple of tips and tricks that won’t hurt you to do, and may prevent you from running or walking into trouble.

  1. Warm up your feet – that means stretching out your toes, rotating your ankles (slowly) clenching and stretching. tuck your fingers into your toes, squish and flex your feet.  Wake those muscles up so that they can support you and your activities. Go slow and be deliberate. You want all 26 bones to be moving freely and blood and lymph to flow throughout.
  2. Make sure your shoes fit properly. So many people we see fail our 1 finger test. The one finger test is when you can put your finger down the back of your shoe which means you are sliding forward in them. Shoes work by securing your heel into the heel of the shoe. If you are not doing that then all sorts of avoidable stresses happen to your feet.
  3.  Balance on your feet. Putting your weight on the ball of your foot is not what your body is designed for. Subtle signs, like your foot falling asleep while you pump on that elliptical machine, are your body telling you that something isn’t quite right.  Please listen to your body. Take the time to align your pulleys and levers (thighs over knees over hips over feet). Think how badly your car drives when the wheels are out of balance or alignment. Its the same with your body, it doesn’t work well out of alignment.
  4. Remember to hydrate. Drinking water is about dilution. Hydration is about absorbing fluids. Put a little OJ, Lemon or even vinegar in that water. Add turmeric and or ginger to help with inflammation and digestion.  Low oil is not good for your car engine. being dry is not good for you.
  5. Graduated compression socks are a gift for you and your body. We love Sockwell 15-20s because they stand up well, wick moisture, and come in fun colors. No matter the brand, just make sure your socks are graduated compression and not holding moisture. You don’t need sweaty feet.
  6. Have fun. Go ahead, put your sandals on and wear them around the house. Let your feet and body get used to them.
  7. If you feel an ache or a pain stop, readjust and pay attention. If your foot aches at the end of a run or a walk, give it a little massage and love, Some remedies, for example, arnica works well to reduce inflammation, ice is for bruising and heat is to enhance blood flow. A little compression can reduce swelling. While Epsom salts may feel great, it will also leach the oils out of your skin.  Pain tells its own story, for example, tendons tend to whine, nerves tend to be sharp, bones tend to ache. If the pain doesn’t go away with a little TLC you might want to seek out professional advice.

No matter what activities you have planned spring truly is around the corner. So many foot problems are avoidable with a little bit of knowledge. We are happy to share and help you get your feet ready. Additionally, if you happen to have fungal or thick nails and don’t want them … we can also help you in that department.



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