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All winter long we tend to walk around in quite substantial shoes. As the days warm up though, most of us are looking at those sandals and flip flops and counting the days until we can comfortably slip into them. Most flip-flops and sandals have little

support, so our feet have to adjust. Now is the time to get your feet ready.
1. Start by strengthening your toes – try picking up a towel with your feet a couple of times a day.
2. Write the alphabet with your feet – big circles in and out. This will stretch and strengthen your ankles and your foot muscles.
3. Practice walking around the house in your summer shoes. Note how you are using your toes and feet. Your feet ought to be relaxed when you walk (toes are not supposed to hold your shoes on). If they are not, then you might consider looking at structurally better-designed shoes with a strap that holds your heel firmly in place (not a heel strap but the strap that goes over your foot). The sole should also not bend in half (this causes lateral instability and can lead to foot strain).

If you do feel pain in your foot. Don’t push it. Sit down and massage your foot and try to figure out where the pain is coming from. Are your toes holding your shoes on causing tension in your ligaments? Is the shoe the right size? Prevent the problem from happening in the first place is the best plan, but if you do run into trouble, ice reduces inflammation. If you then put your foot into a stable shoe for a few days, the problem ought to resolve.

Foot pain is not normal. If you want some help please give us a ring or make an appointment. We are in the prevention business so we are good at helping you prevent foot problems from happening, while also being respectful of summer desires.

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