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I am deeply concerned. I recently saw a patient that has a cancer diagnosis, is diabetic  and severely immunocompromised. Your team suggested a skin care product that contains both mineral oil and petrolatum. The WOCN and science does not actually recommend petroleum-based products.1. Petroleum creates a non-permeable film on the skin. A good idea at first, it seals in toxins that the skin is trying to get rid of. 2. Contaminates are not always quality controlled well. Science shows our bodies do not process these contaminates. Stored in fat these contaminates are linked to cancer. 3. The skin is the largest organ of the body, while it is quite resilient, it also is also absorptive. Would you eat mineral oil or petrolatum? I question why you recommend products like Eucerin, vaseline  or “Uddely Smooth” to patients struggling?  Have you read the ingredients? We keep an EMR & photographs of skin. Post your recommendations comments include pain to touch and observations include cracked, macerated and unhappy skin. If you have a patient’s budget and health in mind, please support the acid mantle and oils the skin needs. We suggest using edible oils.   Coconut olive oil (A+) Olive oil is hypoallergenic.  A formulary product = Medline Remedy line which is olive oil based. Whole foods/ Amazon has a coconut/lime lotion. There are others. Diabetics end up with macerated toes when petroleum seals in the moisture and cancer patients need oils to help them shed the toxins they are taking to help them stay alive. The body cannot absorb wax which is why I ask that you please consider your recommendations based on foundational science and the things the skin really needs that supports and enhances your patient’s health

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