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Many people, for a very good reason, have been staying home. Family and care givers have been doing a phenomenal job keeping themselves and their loved ones safe during this pandemic, and we applaud everyones efforts. We also know that many feet are not getting the care that they need. Feet and thick toenails can be very scary. In the 6 months since this pandemic began (Mar-Aug) a lot of people who used to see the podiatrist or go to the nail salon for their foot care needs, have not been able to access care. At 1-2 mm growth per month this means that toenails can now be 6mm-12mm long. Toenails grow according to pressure. Some are curling, others are growing straight up, or out. Unruly nails can cause pain and discomfort and its hard to feel your feet when your nails are thick and unruly. For a lot of people not being able to trim or take care of their nails creates feelings of shame and embarrassment. Asking for help can be hard. If you notice that an elder is not walking very well, or is having foot pain or other pains, especially a person who struggles to reach their feet, please call us (413.367.8369) or email so that you can give them the gift of foot care. Feet that are not taken care of increase the chance of a fall exponentially. A fall is very preventable with good foot care. 8/30/2020

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