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FootCare by Nurses has literally saved my feet and exercise routine. And for the first time in years, these 65 year old feet are mostly pain-free. I found Kate via a referral from a friend after experiencing years of costly, ineffective podiatrist appointments. Most of the treatments were not covered by insurance since I was not a diabetic and the copays were outrageous; orthotics in the $100s and procedures (reducing calluses, etc) that required additional fees on top of the copays. When I asked the insurer if they were OK with my taking a scalpel to my own feet, they didn’t have much of a response other than I could challenge their denial of benefits. Then I found Kate, who assessed my feet during the first appointment and put together a treatment plan that was less expensive then each of my co-pays. She took the time to listen to my concerns, and assess my needs. She was realistic about what could be improved and what might not change. My calluses are under control and I am free of ingrown toenails; I am walking and exercising regularly with less discomfort and the cramping in my feet is considerably reduced. Reflexology and massage are my favorite parts of each appointment along with the conversation. I schedule these appointments on a regular basis just as I do the massage therapist and the chiropractor. It’s what I need to do to keep my body in as good a shape as possible as I tackle these ‘senior’ years. My feet will never be pretty…..but they are functional and that’s all that matters. I am enormously grateful that a practice like FootCare by Nurses exists. Everyone, regardless of age and foot issues should have access to this type of care.

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